Top 5 Reasons Why Mock Interviews Are Successful for Preparation

Regardless of the industry you’re seeking employment in, mock interviews are proven to be a successful way of preparing for your upcoming interview. With an average of 4-6 people being called for an interview and only one being offered the job, it’s vital to stand out and separate yourself from other applicants. Leveraging mock interviews as part of your job searching activities gives you a huge advantage in being ready and showing up confident on the big day.

What are Mock Interviews?

Simply put, a mock interview emulates a job interview where you practice with a career coach for preparation and readiness. During the mock interview, you’re placed into a similar environment and asked relevant questions to help equip you for the actual interview.

In many cases, your mock interview will be recorded to gauge your performance. As a result, you’ll learn how to answer confidently, hone your interview and communication skills, and gain clarity on areas that need improvement. It’s a winning strategy to create success in your job seeking process.

In fact, here are five top reasons why mock interviews are successful for your career advancement.

Why Mock Interviews Are Successful

#1 Prepares You for Interview Questions

Mock interviews are incredibly useful in providing job interview questions in advance to give well-thought out responses. This is especially true when you’re working with an agency that specializes in your respective career field, although not necessary. The advantage of having these questions gives you ample time to construct your answers that highlight your achievements, skills, and contributions to the industry.

#2You Gain Invaluable Feedback on Your Performance

Another reason why mock interviews are successful is the feedback given to help increase your performance. Critiques on your body language, how well you responded, areas where you could’ve provided more depth, and any “filler” words used (i.e. umms and ahhs) are invaluable to your interviewing success. Armed with this information, you’ll avoid behaviors that can prevent you from landing the job and amplify those that make an excellent impression.

You also get to test your answers to discover if they’re fitting or need to be changed. Feedback is crucial for progression and growth. Use this opportunity to improve your skills and value.

#3 Become More Familiar with the Interview Process

The more acquainted you are with a process, the more confidence you’ll exude. Showcasing belief in your abilities is a huge factor to introducing your work ethic and passion for the position. Taking advantage of a mock interview prepares you for the day and its layout. You’ll show up with expectancy, making you feel ready and eager for the process.

#4 Releases Any Anxiety and Stress

Going to an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience that causes sweaty palms, stomach knots, and nervous speech. These internal challenges may hinder your outward performance, preventing you from thinking and answering clearly.

A big benefit of practicing with a mock interview is the releasing of any anxiety, stress, and nervous tension you may associate with the actual interview. You’ll be able to focus on the questions versus your rapidly growing heart rate. Proper breathing and great posture are key to holding yourself together in an interview…tips you’ll glean from your mock interview.

#5 One Step Closer to Landing the Position

Perfect practice makes perfect. When you’re prepared, you convey a confidence and assurance that is unmatched and unmistakable. The interviewer will notice it as soon as you walk in the room, giving you a slight edge over other applicants. With other qualified candidates competing for the same position, it’s important to stand out. Leveraging a mock interview in your job seeking strategy will get you one step closer to filling the vacant position and moving you forward in your career.


Mock interviews are highly successful for preparing you for the big day. Connect with a career center or coach to help facilitate a mock interview. As a result, you’ll experience an increase in your confidence, communication, and performance during the actual interview.




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