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300 Seconds Making An Impact


What is 300 Seconds?

San Antonio’s Up & Coming Non-profit Organization!

Meet 300 Seconds founded by Demetric Byrd, a military veteran. 300 Seconds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is headquartered in San Antonio, TX.  Originally founded by veterans, this organization seeks to combat the busyness of everyday life, by advocating for citizens to look outside of themselves, and devote at least five minutes of their time to help someone else solve perceived and often real problems.  This, in turn, can help bridge relational gaps and foster more positive, involved communities.

The vision is to empower a battalion of servant leaders, also known as Impactors, who will lead various efforts to accomplish the mission.

The organization has teamed up with San Antonio Parks and Recreation by adopting Kenwood Park, committing to park beautification and disinfecting playground equipment creating a healthier environment for neighborhood children.

300 Seconds has established several ambitious goals, which include becoming a volunteer hub for people who desire to display a selfless character.   Additional targets include implementation of a grassroots mentoring program, sponsoring seven “My Little Free Libraries” throughout the city, and establishing the Cave Community Center which will provide an avenue for mentorship, networking rallies, clean comedy, study groups, motivational speaking engagements, and a food pantry.

Support for the organization comes from individuals who believe in the mission and partner with us by contributing monthly recurring donations.

The organization can be summed up in one word…“Reach.”  To reach, you must extend yourself.  By extending yourself, you will make a lasting impact on the people and community around you.

Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!!

In short: 300 Seconds is five minutes, and in five minutes you can alter, if not change someone’s life.

To learn more visit www.300secondsonline.org or Facebook.com/300SecondsSA


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