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The New NSide with Jessie Moore

Jessie Moore | NSide Magazine

The New NSide with Jessie Moore 

12 years ago NSide Magazine was first published by Eliot Garza. It was the first business journal in a magazine format in Texas that was able to show a true reflection of the city. Highlighting dealership dynasty Mr. Ancira, The Spurs, Greg Abbott, founder of Paul Mitchel hair products, Tito Beveridge, Eva Longoria, Nico La Hood and the list continues. Over those 12 years, NSide raised over $900,000 thousand for local non-profits through galas and event mixers.

Now coming into 2018 print has really taken a back seat and we are having to make a shift in how content can be viewed and still reach the masses. Even though print has taken a back seat we still want to recognize and honor the leaders in the community.

As a native to San Antonio, Texas I’m thrilled and honored that Eliot has passed the torch down for NSide Business Magazine with its new online platform on GetNSide.com! Filled with business content backed by content marketing. We are able to reach 10s of thousands of people through online platforms and you’ll never miss a cover feature. Our content is specifically curated to be shareable on your social networks and recognize the best in the business sector and inspire educate the younger entrepreneurs to follow the lead.

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Jessie Moore | NSide Business MagazineAbout Jessie

A true Texan, Jessie is a San Antonio native and currently based out of the greater Alamo city! She graduated with a Bachelors degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, and a minor in Special Event Management from Arizona State University!

In addition to writing, creative branding and project management, she has a passion for giving back to the community and spends ample time with organizations whose mission is to impact the lives of others. Being an active member with the Junior League of San Antonio, San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists, Mayors Fitness Council, and 300 Seconds non-profit has allowed her to connect with people from all over San Antonio. In Jessie’s free time you can catch her on a bike, teaching indoor cycling or reading a self-development book!



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