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Sitting at a Desk all Day? How to Avoid Shoulder and Neck Pain


Sitting at a Desk all Day? How to Avoid Shoulder and Neck Pain

Article Provided By: Dr. Melissa Macias

Do you sit at your desk for hours each day? If your job forces you to be seated for too long, you probably suffer from aches and pains. Other tasks performed at work while sitting can lead to shoulder and neck pain too. Even holding your phone in an awkward position can stress your bones and muscles and injure your spinal discs, tendons, and nerves. Luckily, posture checks and a user-friendly office chair can alleviate these challenges.

How to decrease aches and pains from physical stress at work

Select a supportive office chair you can lower or raise to suit you. Ideally, you want a chair that offers support for your lower back. If yours isn’t comfortable, place a small cushion in this area or use a padded wedge that forces your back to straighten as you sit rather than adopting an unnatural position.

Adjust your chair so the top of your computer monitor is eye level. Keep, not only your back straight but also your neck. If you’re bending forward, your spine isn’t aligned and physical stress will occur.

At the same time, your elbows should not stick out; keep them near your body and allow your shoulders to drop. Your limbs should be parallel to the ground, which means your forearms, wrists and thighs are not at an angle as you work.

The same applies regarding your arms, wrists, and elbows when using a standing desk. Remember, tuck your elbows in, and keep your arms and wrists aligned with the floor, and you won’t strain your neck and shoulders.

Be mindful about how you hold your mobile phone too. Propping it between your shoulder and neck will create tension. Consider switching to speaker mode or using a headset if you need to use the phone for more than a few minutes to avoid the problem.

Most people imagine shoulder and neck pain stems from actions like lifting heavy items incorrectly. Such situations can lead to injuries, but more often than not, everyday activities involving adopting the wrong postures cause the most strain. Adjust your chair and position while working and you’re less likely to experience physical stress. Also, move now and then. Changing your position, or getting up and walking for a few moments can help to prevent pain.

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