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Heather Tessmer – Ever Argue With a Woman?

Heather Tessmer

Heather Tessmer – Ever Argue With a Woman?

Heather Tessmer Will Put Up a Good Fight for the Sake of Her Legal Clients

By Rudy Arispe

If Heather Tessmer looks familiar, it’s because most likely you’ve seen her face before while driving along San Antonio’s highways. Specifically, a confident-looking image of her staring back at you was splashed across billboards several years ago with the clever tagline, “Ever Argue With a Woman?”

Although Tessmer, founder and lead attorney of Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC, admits the catchy billboards created a buzz for the law practice and helped establish her reputation as one tough opponent in the courtroom, there was a slight misconception.

“A lot of people think that all we do is serve women, which is not true,” she said. “We actually provide services to men and women, specifically in divorce cases, about 50/50.”

Today, Tessmer Law Firm has a robust clientele, both male and female, and specializes in family law – including divorces, adoptions, modification of orders, guardianship, estate planning, and probate – as well as personal injury, such as car accident cases.

“The best part of what we do is helping people,” Tessmer said. “Whatever the case may be, if you’re coming in for a divorce, it’s not a good time for you; if you’re coming in for a personal injury case, it’s not a good time for you. We want people to now we’re here to help them with their legal problems, and they need to stop worrying because we’re the ones who are going to be losing the sleep now, and we hope they are more comfortable once they hire us.”

After graduating from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 1999, Tessmer joined a large law firm, but quickly realized it wasn’t for her, so she transitioned into assisting people with family law and personal injury by opening her own practice.

“I chose to be a lawyer because I wanted to help people,” she said. “I know it sounds cliché, but it’s truly why I started as an attorney.”

Tessmer believes that being a female in the legal field provides some wonderful opportunities.

“I’ve been confused as being the court reporter or the little lady in the courtroom,” she said. “It doesn’t bother me because I like my opponents to underestimate me. The opportunities I have had with the Rotary and other business groups has allowed me to bring a new and fresh perspective to male-dominated groups.” Grateful for her blessings since launching Tessmer Law Firm in 2010, Tessmer often gives back to the community, and she and her staff participate in local charity events. “We’re very interested in helping women, so we do a lot of pro bono work for area shelters,” she said.

Meanwhile, her colleagues would agree that Tessmer can put up a good fight on behalf of her clients. For her hard-earned efforts and successes in the courtroom, she has garnered
accolades, such as being selected for the fourth consecutive year as a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly Magazine. Tessmer has also been named a top attorney for the past five years by San Antonio Magazine, and she has been honored as Attorney of the Year by the San Antonio Business Journal, among other recognitions.

“But the award I like the most is the one that the staff was able to nominate me for, as best boss in San Antonio,” she said with a smile.


For more information, visit www.tessmerlawfirm.com or call (210) 368-9708.


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