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Gina Ortiz Jones- A Community Driven Campaign For and By The People

Gina Ortiz Jones Nside Cover
Gina Ortiz Jones Nside Cover

Gina Ortiz Jones- A Community Driven Campaign For and By The People

By: Miranda Paredes

Gina Ortiz Jones grew up in San Antonio and is a first-generation American. She believes the time has come “to represent and stand up for her community.”

With efforts to unseat her Republican opponent, incumbent Will Hurd, Jones is determined to bring equal opportunity and health care reform to Texas’ 23rd Congressional District. Stretching from San Antonio along the U.S.-Mexico border all the way to El Paso, CD-23 is as vast and wide as their Democratic Party support. 

Jones and her sister were raised in a single-mother household where hard work

Gina Ortiz Jones Campaign
Gina Ortiz Jones & Her Mom

and sacrifice was a common practice. Her mother traveled to the United States from the Philippines in pursuit of greater opportunities for her family. Working multiple jobs, and raising two girls on her own, Jones’ mom set a high bar for expectations of success.

Jones watched as her mother battled colon cancer and because of this, Jones understands the value that health care coverage played in her mother’s survival. “Health care is critical to everyone and should be accessible to everyone,” Jones states.

She believes health care reform is the biggest issue facing Texas’ Congressional 23rd District. “People either can’t afford it, they are fearful they won’t be able to afford it tomorrow, or they physically can’t get to it,” she said.

Although she faced a great deal of trial and adversity from an early age, Jones always saw promises of a bright future. She graduated from John Jay High School where she went on to earn a four-year Air Force ROTC scholarship to college and she received a BA and MA in Economics, and a BA in East Asian Studies.

Gina Ortiz Jones Campaign
Gina Ortiz Jones- Washington, D.C.

Jones took her passion to defend to the United States Air Force where she served as an intelligence officer. She deployed to Iraq and served under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. During her nearly 14-year career, Jones always “led with service before self.” “That’s the mindset I bring to everything I do,” she states. 

In a race that is getting national attention, Jones emphasizes her underlying motivation for office is to provide people in America equal access to the opportunities she’s received and to “give back to a community that has given so much to her.”

Gina Ortiz Jones Campaign
Gina Ortiz Jones- The United States Air Force

A win for Gina Ortiz Jones would bring: the first Filipina American woman ever elected to Congress, the first out member of Congress from Texas, the first woman to represent Texas’ 23rd District, the first Asian-American member of Congress from Texas, and the first Iraq War veteran member of Congress from Texas.

With a campaign that had a ‘take-it-to-the-streets’ approach from day one, Jones devoted much of her time to visiting communities that look much like the one she grew up in. When asked by CNN reporter, Brooke Baldwin, “if you don’t win, was it all worth it?” Jones answered without hesitation, “Oh! For sure! Our Country is worth fighting for, and at the end of the day, I’ll be able to say I did everything I could do when my country needed me.”

“I will fight to ensure every Texan has access to quality education, affordable health care, and the opportunity to build a better future.” – Gina Ortiz Jones

For more information on Gina Ortiz Jones’ Campaign and how to support, visit ginaortizjones.com.


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