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11 Gorgeous Trends in Wedding Flowers

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11 Gorgeous Trends in Wedding Flowers

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With every wedding season comes flowers. From the bridal bouquet to the table displays to flowers on the aisle, flowers are a big part of most wedding ceremonies.

What types of florals will today’s brides be choosing for their weddings? Here are 11 beautiful trends in wedding flowers.

Shades of Purple

Purple is the color of the year in fashion, home décor and in weddings. You will see many brides carrying bouquets in multiple variations of purple.

Spring and summer brides may focus lavenders and paler shades. Winter and fall brides may opt for jewel tones or darker hues.

Purple is a wonderful choice in flowers because it can be sweet and romantic or bring the drama.

Fresh Floral Crowns

Many brides this year will be asking their florists to create tiaras or headbands made of fresh flowers. Floral crowns are also lovely on bridesmaids and flower girls.

Colors Beyond Nature

Dramatic brides will be making a statement with flowers that have been hit with spray paint to make them stand out. Look for colors in hues so bright that they might have come from a dream or flowers with a metallic tinge or sparkle.

Cocktail Flowers

Don’t be surprised when you attend a wedding this year and see flower petals floating in your cocktail. Brides will be dressing up signature cocktails by adding a pansy, rose petal or sprig of lavender as a garnish.

Living Walls

Rather than flower arrangements in vases, some of today’s brides will opt for walls hung with florals. That makes a striking backdrop for the ceremony or a pretty display behind the buffet table or guest book.


These gorgeous flowers once had a reputation as old-fashioned and outdated, especially for weddings. But your grandmother’s flowers are back in a big way with brides choosing the large blooms in bridal bouquets and table arrangements.

Dahlias are also a versatile choice that comes in a variety of colors.

Floral Cuffs

Stylish modern brides are taking a page from the prom by including a fresh floral cuff on one arm. The cuffs can be understated or dramatic and add a sense of romance to the bride’s overall look.

Trailing Foliage

Greenery is playing a prominent role in wedding décor this season, and brides will be including trailing greenery in all types of flower arrangements. Look for beautiful foliage hanging down from the bridal bouquet or long strings of ivy flowing from baskets.

Hanging Arrangements

Who says flowers have to be on the floor or the table? Florists are now offering wedding flowers in bunches that hang down from the ceiling, creating a beautiful canopy above guests. These can be small arrangements that add a pretty detail above, or they can be large enough to act as a faux ceiling over a bar or dance floor.


Simple weddings are becoming popular as many brides reject the bling in favor of a minimalist style. Floral arrangements for these weddings may be as effortless as a few flowers in a clear vase with water. Several of these minimalist decorations, when grouped, can be spectacular.

Potted Plants

With greenery in style, potted plants are bringing the great outdoors inside. Potted plants can be pretty when placed along the aisle or as decoration on the altar. Larger plants can grab guests’ attention and bring drama to the venue.

Another benefit of potted plants is that they can serve as gifts after the wedding.

Most weddings rely on flowers to decorate the event venue and take center stage in the ceremony. Look for these 11 beautiful flower trends in the upcoming wedding season.

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