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Have you always dreamed of having nicer hair? Hair ads show women with perfect locks, thick and luxurious, but the reality is often so much less. You can turn your thin tresses into something far more luxurious with just a few tips, however.

Eat a balanced diet. Your skin and hair reflect your diet, so if you are eating poorly, it will show. To improve the look of your hair, you need to make sure you eat plenty of healthy fats and lots of leafy green vegetables. Salads made with kale, spinach and broccoli are a great way to give your hair that boost it needs. These veggies help produce sebum which strengthens hair and makes it look shinier. 

Omega 3 fats are great for hair and can be found in pumpkin seeds and other nuts, as well as fish. Fish oil supplements are often recommended for those who want a nicer head of hair.

Cut back on the washing. Soap, even in shampoo, can be hard on your locks, since it strips the oil that keeps hair healthy. If you wash yours every day, it can become brittle and dry. Even if you shower on a daily basis, you don’t necessarily need to scrub your head. Wash your body and leave your hair alone. The first week or two of only shampooing your hair three or four times a week, your hair may feel greasy, but it will quickly adapt to the new routine. 

Shock your hair with cold water. Just before you get out of the shower, turn the water to cold. A quick rinse of chilly water will smooth and seal the cuticle, which makes your head look shiny and healthy. It also helps protect hair from other damaging factors. 

Avoid combing or brushing hair until it’s dry. Pulling a comb through damp tresses is a surefire way to break hair off and leave you with wispy ends sticking out. Broken hair is also caused by wearing ponytails all the time, which causes the strands to snap in the same place. If you do this and have a halo of short hair around your face, you can start leaving hair loose or braiding it to avoid the problem.

That being said, you should certainly brush your hair plenty when it is dry. This helps distribute the oil secreted by the scalp. That oil keeps hair healthy and strong, so it’s important that it reach to the roots. 

Get the right cut to thicken hair. For thicker looking hair, aim for layers. A good hairdresser can create the illusion of bulk without adding too many products or adding extensions. Since too much product can actually flatten hair, a cut that stands on its own is best. 

If you are trying to grow your hair long, don’t skip the haircuts. You will want to get the ends trimmed every few weeks. Just taking off a quarter inch can completely change how your hair looks and improve its health.

While there are many products out there that claim to give you bigger, better hair, natural is the best way to go. You save money and time, plus you will be able to enjoy longer lasting effects. Changing your diet and getting a great hair cut can make all the difference in how healthy and thick your hair is.

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