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DEA Ranch: Tent or Trailer- Which Should I Choose?

DEA Ranch Tent or Trailer

Tent versus trailer

You may be thinking about getting into camping and asking yourself which is better. Or, maybe you have been camping for a while and now would like to extend the season or add a little more comfort and ease to your trips.

Either way, the debate over camping in a tent or using a trailer probably started soon after the first trailer showed up at a campsite.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer, except which is the right one for you.


The first point to consider is cost. Good tents can start at around the $100 to $150 range. There are many options that cost less money, and many cost much more. Tents can have many features, including being pre-wired for electrical service or having individual room dividers. Of course, they are pretty easy to pack and store when not in use.

A new pop-up tent trailer can start around $3,000. You will need to consider what you are going to be towing it with. Tent trailers are much lighter and easier to tow than full-size trailers. However, if you are presently driving a small compact car it may not be able to tow a tent trailer, which could result in additional costs for a different tow vehicle.


If you have been camping, you know there are many things you need to pack into your vehicle. Once you arrive at your site, you’ll need to spend time setting up at the start of the weekend and packing up at the end of it. With a trailer, this is a little easier. For starters, they are fairly self-contained. Beds, kitchen, and bathrooms are already there. All you need to do is hitch up and drive to the campsite. You also have extra storage inside the trailer, which gives you more space in your car.  

You can add a number of items to make tent camping as comfortable as possible. Adding raised air mattresses gives you the feeling of sleeping in a bed. Putting down interlocking foam squares and laying a carpet over them adds a level of comfort to the tent floor and also helps protect it. You can even go as far as to follow the glamping lifestyle where camping takes on a whole new level of comfort.

In a trailer, all of this is there for you. Plus, you have a solid roof over your head and solid walls as well. This is great for when it rains or the nights start to get a little cooler. Many trailers, including tent trailers, also come with air conditioning. You’ll need a campsite with electrical service to be able to use it. But the option is there for you. In addition, most trailers, including tent trailers, have a full bathroom, which is a nice feature if you don’t want to use the public facilities or have to walk to them in the middle of the night.


A couple of other points to consider is how many people you normally take camping and how often you would like to go. A big selling point for trailers is that they extend the season. Trailers have heaters that can allow you to camp right through autumn. For many, this is their favorite time to camp, as the campgrounds are not as busy and often sites will be available at a discounted rate.

The number of people on your camping trips is a big consideration. Pop-up tent trailers can easily sleep four people, and the larger ones will sleep upwards of eight to 10 people.

Camping or Glamping?

Of course, the biggest question to answer is, what type of camping do you like? Are you someone who enjoys setting up a tent and roughing it for a couple of days, or do you like to bring some of the comforts of home on your trips? Again, there is no right or wrong answer, just what is right for you.


Whether you decide on a tent or trailer, camping is a wonderful activity for individuals and families alike. If you are still unsure, consider renting a trailer for a weekend and decide if it is a good fit.

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