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Are you planning to opt for income protection insurance? Well, in this case, you need to have insight into this insurance so that it becomes easier for you to reap the maximum benefit. There are times when a person is too ill to work and has income protection insurance.

The good news is that such a person will continue to receive the income until the policy expires.If you want to select the best cover, then it is essential to match your personal circumstances and your needs so that you can avail the best policy without a problem.

The first step is that you should compare the best income protection insurance plans so that you have a clear idea about what is coming your way. Make sure that you surf, and you will get all the
necessary information.

The features to look for in income protection

Considering the covers

Now, there are three different covers to choose from when opting for income protection
insurance. The covers pay you based on your situation. One cover is usually its own occupation. It is meant for those who cannot do their own occupation.

The second cover is suited occupation. Well, this means that you are unable to do your own job or the one that suits your experience and qualification. The third cover comes under the label any occupation, and this means that you are unable to do any job.

Let us assume that you are a surveyor, and you have to inspect different properties. If your condition stops you from walking, then you are eligible for a claim under the cover own occupation.

What you need to keep in mind is that the own occupation cover is costly, and any occupation cover is the cheapest.

Select the cover depending upon your situation.

Keep the length of the pay-out in mind

Another crucial aspect to keep in mind is that your policy will only pay you until the stated limit in the policy. The maximum payment time will be until the expiry. Now, there are policies available that pay you for a fixed period of time, and they are less expensive too so you can opt for them also.

If you return to work following a claim, but again fall sick with the same condition, then the insurer will consider it as a continuation of the first claim, and you will get the benefits straight away.

There are some insurance policies that allow you to opt for a fixed premium or the guaranteed premium. Well, this means that you will pay the same premium each month during the policy. What you need to keep in mind is that such premiums cost more in the short-term.

If this does not suit you, then you can opt for reviewable premiums too. In this case, the
premiums get reviewed from time to time.

Make sure that you keep these essentials into consideration when opting for income protection insurance.




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