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The Best Poker Hands That Can Lead to Victory in a Tournament

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Online Texas Hold em’ Poker Tournaments

If you are a newbie to the world of online Texas hold em’ poker tournaments, then you should have a good idea about the different hands that can help you snatch victory.

In an online poker tournament, the very last thing you should do is trust your opponents. The whole purpose of the game is to beat your opponents, not to help them win against you!

This is why you should have an insider’s knowledge about the different hands that might help you on your road towards the final table.

Here is a short and succinct guide on the ‘top ten’ hands that you just might be lucky enough to get when you start playing the poker tournament circuit. Rest assured that if you have been dealt these hands anytime in the game, then you are well placed to win big.

Of course, your position and the action’s of the other players in the same game will also have a direct bearing on your gameplay, but with these hands up your sleeve, your chances of winning can increase.

Ace, Ace, aka the ‘Pocket Rockets’

The twin aces hand is widely considered to be the best initial Texas Hold’em poker hand any player can hope to have. If you play your cards right and the poker gods smile on you, you will eventually be able to sweep the whole pot. And this holds even more true if you use this hand as a foundation for subsequent gameplay. This hand is often colloquially referred to as ‘pocket rockets’, ‘American Airlines,’or just simply as ‘double bullets’.

King, King: Let’s go Kinging!

As King Edward the eight used to say, “Let’s go Kinging.” This term applies to people who have been fortunate enough to have been dealt this hand. This is widely considered to be the second-best poker hand around and gives you an incredibly strong position. Even if your subsequent cards are not very good, the dual kings alone will help you on your journey towards winning the poker pot. Two kings are also known as “the cowboys” and can only be beaten by a pair of ‘pocket rockets.’

Queen, Queen: The Two Gracious Ladies

A hand that consists of two queens or ladies is a pretty good hand. Sure, aces and kings will dominate these two ladies, but very few people have those two hands to begin with. Besides that, you will have the upper hand against jack and all the lower cards.

Ace, King: Strong but Tricky

The Ace and king combo is a pretty strong hand, but very tricky to weave into subsequent gameplay. While it is the strongest amongst the drawing hands, luck will have to be on your side with you for you to have dual aces or kings in order to create a superlative hand. If you get a suited ace and king pair, i.e., both of them belonging to the same suit, then you will be in an even stronger position to dominate the other payers in the game.

Jack, Jack: Two Jokers Are No Joke!

From a statistical viewpoint, a pair of jacks, will ‘jack’ up your chance at victory by around 20 percent or so. And if the subsequent flop also features a king, queen, or ace, the odds are that the game is in your favor. But you should be careful to wipe that gleeful smile off your face.

Ace, Queen: A Great Drawing Hand

The ace and queen combination is considered to be the second best drawing hand of the poker game. When both of them are from the same suite, your winning odds will again jump by 20 percent.

King, Queen: The Ultimate Marriage of Convenience

The King and queen combo is again a great drawing hand. It can only be beaten by an ace, especially if it is suited, in which case it will beat this hand. However, most other hands will have a tough time beating this ‘royal pair.’

Ace, Jack: They Can Get the Job Done

The ace jack pair is no laughing matter. And if they both belong to the same suit, they can definitely turn the odds in your favor.

The King and Jack Pair: A Nifty Hand That May Help You Out of a Tight Spot

The king and jack pair is a fine hand to start your gameplay, especially in a late position when you seem stuck. However, it is prudent to understand that all the hands mentioned above can beat it with ease. This is why you should fold whenever the others are raising big time. This holds even more so if it is unsuited because of the large number of ‘suited’ hands that can easily beat this pair.

Ace and Ten: Small but Potent

An ace and ten is not a bad starting hand by any means. If you are playing in an online poker tournament, and you have the ace and ten, and if the cards fall in the right order, you can even potentially make a straight (provided that the jack, queen and king cards fall on the table). But before you get tempted by the cards on the board, you should see if your combo is unsuited. If other people have stronger pairs (such as the ones discussed above), you will be outplayed and might even lose the poker pot.


If you are interested in playing online poker, it will be well worth your while to understand the value of all of these hands and how they can be used to create that perfect winning combination. So go ahead and join a game and see how things play out.


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