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13 Spectacular Wedding Trends You’re Going to Love

13 Spectacular Wedding Trends You’re Going to Love

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Your wedding is a great time to show off your personality and style, and today’s wedding trends have a little something for everyone. From funky fabrics to elegant food, choose details that express your personality. Here are 13 wonderful wedding trends to spark your imagination and inspire your planning.

Ceremony in the Round

Think outside the box when you’re planning the seating arrangements for your wedding ceremony. Many of today’s brides are getting rid of standard rows in favor of organizing chairs in a circle. This gives guests a full view of the bride, groom, and officiant and creates a sense of community and closeness. You can plan to stand at various angles throughout the ceremony to make sure that everyone has a good view of the proceedings.

Ruffled Décor

Ruffles are everywhere this wedding season. The detail is both romantic and fun, and it’s showing up on everything from gowns to tablecloths. Use ruffled fabric on the backs of your chairs, on a reception backdrop, on table linens, or even as a highlighting detail in floral arrangements.

Painted Cakes

If you want something other than a standard iced wedding cake, try having your cake turned into a work of art. Cake artists will cover your cake in a neutral fondant and then hand painted floral designs or other artwork right onto the surface with food coloring. The result is a stunning confection that looks like it should be featured in an art gallery.

Dusty Rose

This play on pink is the current color trend of weddings. Dusty rose is an elegant but understated tone that conveys femininity, romance, and classic charm. It also pairs beautifully with all kinds of shades of green, blue, cream, and lavender.


One wonderful and non-traditional bridal trend is swapping your veil for a large, floppy hat. This look is adorable at casual, afternoon weddings and is especially appropriate for a beach or garden ceremony. This trend also looks terrific on a row of bridesmaids.

Neon Signs

Rustic, wooden signs and chalkboards have been done time and time again. The new trend in wedding signage is neon. A personalized neon sign made with your names intertwined is a wonderful piece that you can keep in your home as a memory of your special day.


Textured fabrics are beautiful to look at as well as to feel, and velvet has become a very popular choice. You can use velvet in your bridal party’s fashions or as part of your décor. Velvet tablecloths or ribbons on the back of guests’ chairs are luxurious touches that help elevate your ceremony and reception.

Salt Covenant

Many brides like the idea behind unity candles but want to do something a little bit different to make their ceremonies more modern. A salt covenant is a nice choice for this purpose. It involves you and your partner pouring two containers of salt into one central container to symbolize the union of your families. You can use white or colored salt, and you can ask your families to be part of the ceremony as well.

Charcuterie Boards

Take appetizers to a new level by allowing guests to graze on charcuterie boards. These are rustic boards that are placed on tables and topped with finger foods like cheese, crackers, and fruit. They can also include small glasses of wine or miniature appetizers.


When all the traditional wedding dances have been done, you can add another round of fun to the reception by hosting a sing-along. Pass out pieces of paper with your favorite song lyrics and ask someone to play the piano. This is classic entertainment that takes your guests back to the days of celebrating before electronics.

Wine Smoothies

Lighter than cocktails but more sophisticated than beer, wine smoothies are the trendy drink to serve at your wedding. Combine your favorite wine with frozen berries. Champagne and strawberries pair perfectly.

Eco-friendly Materials

Modern brides are also environmentally conscious. Many brides are choosing sustainable fabrics in their gowns and décor as well as opting for recycled materials when possible. Stones, wood, and other natural elements are beautiful as wedding décor and are also environmentally friendly.

Local Edible Favors

Instead of passing out bags of almonds, think about sending guests home with locally made treats. For example, Vermont brides may wish to pass out small bottles of maple syrup while Georgia brides might send each guest home with a bottle of sweet peach wine.

Finding a wedding trend that speaks to you can make your wedding a more memorable experience for you and your guests. Consider these 13 terrific trends when planning your special day.


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