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Dyezz Surveillance & Security 

By Rudy Arispe

Shortly after 9/11, Austin entrepreneur John Dyess envisioned there would be a need or, rather a demand, by homeowners and businesses for increased safety and security as the U.S. was reeling in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. 

Dyess, however, had only $400 to his name, but decided to take a gamble on the purchase of two video surveillance cameras, which he sold to two homeowners. He then used the money he made for selling and installing those cameras to buy more. 

His gamble paid off.

Today, Dyess is CEO of Dyezz Surveillnace & Security that offers installations and service for video surveillance systems, burglar and fire alarms, access control systems, covert surveillance, bug detection, intercom systems, and home automation. Founded in 2001, Dyezz Surveillnace has expanded since then to service residential and commercial customers in San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas and Houston. They also service our large franchise accounts that are in New Mexico, California, Colorado , Tennessee, New York and in Florida. 

“It was a slow start,” Dyess recalled, “but business eventually took off. My advice to anyone starting a business with no capital is that although it might be hard at first, hang in there. That’s the road I traveled, but I had the drive and never gave up.”  

Dyezz Surveillance works with some of the most trusted companies in the security business, including Alibi, Openpath, DSC Security Projects, Alarm.com, Dahua Technology, 2GIG, Continental Access, and Eagle Eye Networks.

“We have partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to provide cloud video surveillance for our home and business owners. This product has been a great business move for Dyezz Surveillance & Security,” Dyess said. “One of the great things about the DVR/ NVR is that the video surveillance footage is on the cloud to review for investigation and prosecution if needed.” 

Additionally, Dyezz Surveillance has been working with Alibi Security for more than 15 years. “Alibi Security is the top of the line video surveillance manufacturers. Our relationship with Alibi keeps advancing and the support we get is fantastic from repairs, advance replacements, tech support and three warranties on all Alibi security products that Dyezz installs,” Dyess said. 

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Dyezz Surveillance and Security is a long-term partner with Alibi Security, an Austin-based value-added provider of video surveillance and access control technologies. Alibi Security serves a nationwide network of security dealers and specializes in supporting high-growth dealers like Dyezz with leading-edge security products, direct U.S.-based technical support, pre- and post-sales support, centralized fulfillment as well as local marketing and lead generation engines. 

Going forward, the partnership with Alibi Security will enable Dyezz Surveillance to expand into new markets and provide its growing customer base with innovative surveillance solutions including camera-to-cloud video surveillance, 24/7 color video (even in total darkness), video doorbells, thermal cameras and more.

The hottest trend right now in surveillance and security is smart home and business alarms systems that have taken the market by storm thanks to the makers of DSC & 2GIG powered by Alarm.com that provides home and business security to more than 5 million customers.

“App controlled access systems that don’t require an access badge, key cards or fobs to enter or exit an area or building is the latest and greatest in security that is provided by Openpath,” Dyess said. “It allows companies to manage their access control anytime and anywhere through the cloud.” For more information, visit www.openpath.com

In September, Dyezz Surveillance will launch a new CSR breach reporting service to help small and large businesses that have experienced a date breach regarding customers’ personal information. The CSR service will also help deal with and report any suspected breach and will keep a company compliant with state and federal laws. The cost for CSR service will be offered at $11.95 per month at a locked-in rate.

Regulators have made it difficult and complex to properly report data breaches, Dyess explained. “It’s also expensive if it’s not done right, so professional help is required,” he said, adding that now under Texas House Bill 4390, individuals affected by a breach of their personal information must be notified within 60 days.

Also on the horizon is DYI (do it yourself) alarm systems that Dyezz Surveillance will offer to its customers. The Simple Safe and Ring alarms are growing, Dyess explained; however, the only drawback is that these DIY systems are made for apartments, condos or homes with smaller square footages. The system that the company will carry can cover apartments, condos, homes and small businesses up to 6,000 square-feet and are expected to launch in early 2020.

There will also be a line of alarm system including all smart home/business devices that can be shipped and monitored to any city in the U.S. as long as they can get cell service in their area, he added.

 Dyess, meanwhile, has great visions for his company. “Where we are now and where we are going is exciting,” he said. “Building up our team, fleet, funding, vendors and merging with security companies is in the forecast of Dyezz Surveillance & Security for 2019 and 2020. We are also looking at adding 15 more positions by the end of 2020.” 

Other company goals include growing its alarm system, video surveillance and access control clientele throughout Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth and Houston.

“We are in the process of merging with a Dallas company by the end of 2019 or early 2020. Then we will be laying the groundwork for the Houston market in the summer of 2020,” Dyess said. “We have spoken to our recurring billing company, Cornerstone Billing Solutions, which provide billing services to 70 percent of the security companies in the United States, to let us know of security companies that are up for sale or need acquiring.” 

Regarding customer service, Dyezz Surveillance will begin offering lifetime warranty on systems the company has installed and on future installations with its ESA programs. “This will help keep our current and future clients within budget without being surprised when they receive their invoice,” Dyess said. 

Casey Ellison, director of operations for Dyezz Surveillance, said the company has built a solid relationship with its customers by truly listening to what they are looking for in terms of security and surveillance. “We talk with them about their wants and needs and then build a custom security system based on those needs,” he said.

The company is also proud of its 2015 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. “We put together a whole submission in which we were judged by a panel of our peers from both large and small businesses,” said Kristin Spiller, office and accounting manager. “They determined that not only was our company productive in the way we operate and helped our stockholders make money, but we take care of our customers and are ethical and honest along the way.”

Dyess believes in taking care of his employees, too. “We have also implemented quarterly team building events, ranging from hitting golf balls at Topgolf to playing video games and skeet ball at Kung Fu Saloon,” he said. “Our goal is for the team to interact with one another away from the office, not just at work, and it’s been a success.”   

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