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Thinking Outside the Vase: Unique Wedding Centerpieces

If you can’t afford floral centerpieces—or simply want something a bit more unique—there are a variety of choices.


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The wedding that you picture in your mind might feature a reception with extravagant floral centerpieces at each table. However, your budget might not allow this fantasy to become a reality when you say “I do.” If you can’t afford floral centerpieces—or simply want something a bit more unique—there are a variety of choices. Think about the tone you want to set for your wedding when choosing centerpieces.



Candles are an ideal substitute for flowers for wedding reception tables. The soft lighting adds warmth and a touch of romance to your reception venue. Choose an elaborate candle centerpiece if you are having an evening reception, as the candlelight can contribute to your reception’s ambiance. Choose pillar candles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Organize them creatively in the center of the table, placing shorter candles next to taller ones to enhance visual interest. Avoid using scented candles, as the candles might overpower your reception venue.


Rustic Branches

Not every wedding reception calls for pastel flowers at every table. In fact, at some receptions, a floral centerpiece would be out of place. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or a wedding with a rustic feel, use branches instead of flowers. Place the branches in a vase; choose branches of varying lengths to make your centerpieces stand out. You can hang votive candles from the branches or place twinkling lights on them to add some soft lighting.


Seasonal Centerpieces

Use the season to inspire your wedding centerpieces. A December wedding can feature miniature evergreen trees on each table, decorated with lights and ornaments that match your wedding colors. Use the rich colors of fall by placing burgundy, orange, and gold leaves in a glass bowl with pinecones. If you’re saying “I do” at the beach, fill aluminum beach pails with sand, and place colorful candles in them. You can also fill a wide vase with water and add floating candles.


Mix it Up

Don’t shy away from variety when designing your wedding centerpieces. Your centerpieces should coordinate, but they do not have to be identical. Have a color scheme or item tie the centerpieces together. For example, you can place baskets full of leaves and pinecones on some tables and candles on others. Tie them together by placing twine and a leaf around the candles to connect them to the other centerpieces.



Today’s couples can buck tradition and create reception décor that is unforgettable and uniquely theirs. Find centerpieces that suit your taste, personality, and wedding style. If flowers aren’t your thing, then choose something that is more reflective of you. Centerpieces that align with your interests create a personalized wedding day that your guests will remember.


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