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Chosen Announces Angela White as Chief Operating Officer 

Angela White


Angela White has been hired by Chosen Care as the nonprofit’s Chief Operating Officer beginning September 16. Prior to joining Chosen Care, White served as the CEO for Alpha Home since March 2016. 

I am blessed to have worked at Alpha Home because my adoptive mother was an alcoholic and the work there helped me heal at a very personal level,” White said. “I feel humbled to have been asked to join Chosen Care since I was a foster and adopted child and was placed by God in another place of deep healing for me as traumatized children are often misunderstood.”

As COO, White will assist in growing and leading the organization, as well as implementing new ideas and overseeing day-to-day operations.

 “I believe Chosen has a great team, led by a visionary working in an area that creates systemic change for children dealing with trauma,” she said. “Being in a stable family unit and not bouncing from one home to another is a preventative upstream model. When children have no stability, many things are impacted, such as education and mental health, and potential substance use may occur. The opportunity to create change by supporting caretakers who can provide a safe and loving home is something I look forward to.”

Chief Executive Officer Jenni Lord said the organization is ecstatic about White joining the staff. “She will bring wisdom, passion and personal experience. Her role is essential as we continue to expand our operations to help thousands of children heal from trauma due to abuse and neglect,” she said.

White received a bachelor’s degree in business and finance from Warington College, UK, in 1990 and is currently completing a MBA in leadership and sustainability from the University of Cumbria, UK.

For more information about Chosen, visit www.chosen.care or call (830) 455-0101.


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