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Three Key Points to Remember For Your Next Recruitment Drive


Recruitment is one of the most challenging and potentially damaging aspects of running a business.

Any organization is only as good as its people and whether you’re a small startup of only three or four, or a multinational business with thousands of employees, bringing new bodies in is something that must be done correctly.

It is always a challenge to find people not only with the right skills but also personality and drive to succeed. Some talented individuals may not fit the culture of your business, whilst others may not be packing the skills you require but have other elements which appeal to you.

Get recruitment right and your business will thrive. An article by Forbes explains how if you get your recruitment policy wrong, not only do you make a costly error, but you can even damage your existing structure.

So, we’ve put together some key points to think about ahead of your next recruitment drive.

Decide on a strategy

BA Times explains how Benjamin Franklin once said: “failing to plan is planning to fail”. It’s a popular saying in business and it applies just as much to recruitment as anything else. If you just advertise your role and talk to candidates, you’re already setting yourself up for a fall.

In the tech industry you can attract plenty of applicants for a role, but just having a pile of letters on your desk will not help. Before putting your role out there, put a framework in place. What specific skills do you require? What pay grade are you hoping to recruit? What markets are you involved in and do you want applicants from the same market?

Background checks

You’ve got your applicants and you’ve scanned their CVs, but how do you know what they’re saying is the truth? Decorating a CV is a skill and some people can make the most menial of jobs sound exclusive, with some companies even giving lowly positions glamorous names. Also, what do you know about the actual person? Very little, other than what they present to you.

That is why doing a few checks of your own is vital. A post by Comeet on ‘How to Do an Employment Background Check’ covers how important it is to be thorough when checking over your applicants. Make sure you follow up on references and maybe dig around a little yourself as well. The modern age means people leave a digital footprint everywhere and a few minutes scouring social media might give you an insight into the type of person you’re set to recruit.

Interview skills

The interview is the most important stage, the moment you get to meet your candidate. Some companies like to do a telephone interview first and our article on ‘6 Tips for Amazing Phone Calls’ some of the skills you might need if you choose to take this route.

Once you’re face to face, it is important to remember the candidate’s feelings and impressions. Make them comfortable and engage a conversational style. They might be perfect for your role but struggle with interview situations.

Have a clearly defined checklist of things you need to see them demonstrate and if in any doubt at all, get them back for a second meeting, perhaps a more informal one over coffee in a different location if you feel nerves ruined their first chance.

Just by taking time and considering these three vital areas, you can make your next recruitment drive a huge success.


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