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Ricos Rolls Out New Cheese Sauce Can Labels with a Fresh, Modern Design

Ricos New Cheese Can Labels

Change is part of overall package updates for the 110-year-old, family-owned company

SAN ANTONIO – Fans of Ricos cheese sauces will soon find their favorite flavors on grocery store shelves with new, refreshed can label designs.

“The cheese can labels had not been updated in a long time. We had received feedback from consumers and stores that the cursive of the letters and some designs on the front of the labels were a little confusing and hard to read,” said Tony Liberto, President & CEO of Ricos.

Ricos decided to redesign the cheese sauce can labels since they already planned to update other Ricos product packaging, including the popcorn bag design. “We made sure the letters on our cheese cans are more legible and have a modern look like the rest of our items,” he said, adding that the new popcorn bag design complements the cheese can labels that show off the Ricos spirit of creating fun foods for a fun world.

Liberto added that the modern look of the new cheese can labels are part of the company’s commitment to connect with millennial moms and appeal to younger generations.

“We know they’re an audience who consumes our products,” he said, “so we think that with these new, modernized can labels, our cheese sauces can be incorporated into their very busy lives, especially when you have children and a job. You don’t always have time to make a five-course meal. So any help you can get is appreciated, knowing you’re feeding your family a quality product with no preservatives and real cheese content.”

Consumers can now find the redesigned Gourmet Nacho cheese cans on the shelves at their local grocery retailers. Additional new label designs will be gradually rolled out. “Even though our cheese can labels will have a new design, they are still the same great tasting cheese sauce that people all over the world enjoy,” Liberto said.

Ricos, a Texas-based, family-owned company, designed the labels in a way that remains true to their 110-year-old heritage.

“We always say our cheese can labels are sacred, so there’s certain elements we won’t change,” Liberto said. “For instance, the cheese can labels will always have the rounded yellow-and-red scallops at the top of the label design. They will also have the slant on the front that my father, Frank Liberto, intentionally had put on them. He said if you’re walking by the cheese cans, they look like they’re falling off the shelf and will catch your attention. Whether true or not, we don’t know, but the slant will stay.”

Hispanic advertising guru Lionel Sosa, who designed the Ricos brand logo of the smiling cheese droplet circa 1969 as well as the trademark, red-and-yellow scallops on the cheese can labels, said every long-lasting brand has certain design elements that it owns, and for Ricos, it’s the scallops.

“I congratulate them for keeping the red-and-yellow scallops that are very much a recognizable part of their brand and heritage as the swoosh is to Nike, and I’m honored to still tell my friends I designed it 50 years ago,” Sosa said.

Ricos, founded by Frank Liberto in 1977, is a subsidiary of the Liberto Specialty Company that began in 1909. Ricos makes nacho chips, cheese sauce, popcorn, pickles, jalapenos and roasted peanuts.

Ricos products are distributed throughout the United States and in 57 countries. Consumers can find Ricos in H-E-B, Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Sam’s Club, Albertsons and in other retail stores during their next grocery trip.

For information, visit www.ricos.com or www.Facebook.com/RicosProducts.

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