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Chris Matz – Inspiring Others To Live Life To Its Fullest

Chris Matz

Chris Matz explains how he changed his life and how by changing his life, he has helped inspire so many others in the community and beyond. He says, “I have been sober for almost three years and thus far, this has been my greatest accomplishment in life.” Matz details a heart to heart conversation he had with his mother years ago. 

“My mother once told me that I was two different people. She said that I was one person when I was around her and I was another person when I was with my friends.” At that time, Matz did not think that was true. “Now that I can look back on that conversation, it was absolutely true.”

Having been sober for years now, Matz had lunch with his mother a few weeks ago. Her message changed as did Matz. She told him, “You know Chris, you are the same person all of the time now.” Matz describes how he felt after this luncheon. “This type of feeling is the best feeling in the world to me.”

Since he walked away from alcohol, Matz turned to fitness as his path to wellness. “I have a very addictive personality. At one point in my life, I was addicted to the party lifestyle. When I gave up that lifestyle, I needed to find an alternative and fitness has become the core of that lifestyle.” Matz is addicted with the gym, fitness, and what he coins as the healthy lifestyle. “Everything that I do today revolves around that healthy lifestyle.”

Chris Matz

Sharing his advice and experience with others, Matz recommends to the folks that are moving into the ‘real’ world, fresh out of college, to stay positive. “Companies are looking for people with experience, but you don’t have that experience yet. You are trying to get out there while applying for all these jobs, but you keep hearing that they want experience.” 

He encourages others to get their foot in the door somewhere. “Plant your roots and get heavily involved as much as you can with that organization. Also, get involved with groups. Volunteer your time and get out there and meet people. Go to the Nside mixers and the BPSA (Business Professionals of San Antonio) mixers. Get out there and do the things that you may not want to do because this is what makes the difference.”

Chris Matz elaborates on his way of living today. “When I don’t want to something, it is usually because I really need to do it. For example, if there is a volunteering event on a Saturday and you have worked all week as most of us do, you are really tired. But if that act is going to benefit someone and that act is going to help someone, go out and volunteer.”

With enthusiasm and vigor, Matz concludes, “Volunteer your time. You may not like it right when you do this. But, when you look back on those moments in time, you will see that those little things turn out to be the big things.” Making a difference in your life and other people’s lives has an everlasting impact on your outlook on life and your compassion for helping others along the way.



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