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LeAnn Cyr Launches OracLe College Consulting


HOUSTON, March 6, 2020 /Press Release/ — LeAnn Cyr, CEO & Founder of SASpine and CYRx MD brands, just announced that she has opened OracLe College Consulting in an effort to assist high school students on the path from college to career.

Ms. Cyr spent the first decade of her career working with college students and corporate executives on career planning, resume building and making strategic career choices.  With a graduate degree in Higher Education Counseling and a Graduate Assistantship at the prestigious Georgetown MBNA Career Education Center, LeAnn has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of students, find their pathway to success.

“I was always a believer in empowering people through education and teaching them the skills necessary to succeed. I’m a big believer in the ideology of teaching a man to fish versus giving a man a fish.”

OracLe, which is a play on LeAnn’s first name, will focus on 5 main areas of service: resume building, test preparation, interviewing, research and the actual application process including essay writing.  Ms. Cyr plans to contract/consult experts in specific industries to ensure students are getting the best possible guidance. For example, students interested in the medical industry will work with Dr. Steven Cyr, Spine Surgeon, or Dr. Bert Brown, Anesthesiologist and Dartmouth alum.

“I have a whole host of resources and people I can call on to expand my bandwidth, as needed.  My goal is to help these students develop a plan for their future, not just on paper but also in real life.  I also want them to be prepared to express who they are and what their experiences have been, through written expression, as well as in an interview.”

LeAnn Cyr is a business owner, philanthropist, wife and mother of four. She is from San Antonio, Texas, but currently resides in Houston, Texas. She has been an Entrepreneur for almost 20 years.

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