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San Antonio Distillery Shifts Gears to Manufacture Hand Sanitizer to Meet Public Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic

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SAN ANTONIO – Alamo Distilling has begun hand sanitizer production to not only assist the growing need of hand sanitizer in the community but also carve a new revenue stream to keep their business afloat during these times.

“Right now, we have prioritized hand sanitizer production, but still maintain beverage products being bottled and supported. We are committed to making these safety products needed most in our community right now,” Noel Burns, Alamo Distilling President & Co-Founder, said. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps gaining momentum, the local distillery, known for its handcrafted premium quality spirits, has produced nearly 5,000 cases of FDA compliant, 1.7-ounce bottles of sanitizer and hopes this becomes a future outlet of product that can be sold at drug and grocery stores.

Alamo Distilling is among the many other distilleries continuing with the production of hand sanitizer, in hopes this can provide for the community, but also their own employees. Without the knowledgeable staff shifting gears from a bourbon business into a hand sanitizer supplier, Alamo Distilling would be one of many stagnant businesses in the community. 

“Right now, we are selling our hand sanitizer products as fast as we can produce them,” Noel said. “We were fortunate to hire a few extra hands to support sanitizer production and sales. Quickly manufacturing a retail quality hand sanitizer, on short notice, is a way to support our community to stay safe while the danger is so close to home.  If a small percentage of Texans are safer and protected due to our efforts, we are happy that we are able to help.” 

The distillery is currently taking phone orders for business to business sales, prioritizing medical and distributors that service priority businesses. There are currently no on-premise sales at this time, for the protection of the staff.  Local distributors are selling into stores and local businesses.    

For more information for placing an order, visit Alamo Distilling on Facebook (@AlamoDistillingCompany), Twitter (@AlamoDistilling), and Instagram (@AlamoDistillingCo) or call Noel Burns at (210) 325-7853.


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