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Giving Back To The Community & Sharing Visions For A Bright Future

By Jody Marmel

Mak Hijaz is the owner of Hazel Sky Smoke Shop in San Antonio and the eclectic shop has become a chain of five specialty stores throughout the Alamo City over the course of six years. The sixth shop will be opening on Huebner and Babcock within the next few months. Yet, as we all know, the COVID pandemic has impacted our economy on such a grand scale that so many small businesses have been trying to stay afloat during the health crisis on a worldwide scale.

Mak explains, “We were shut down because of the COVID pandemic and we had just received a shipment of masks. My wife and I decided to give the masks away to the first responders, doctors, and nurses.” He continues, “We wanted to give a little something back to the community because those are the very people that are taking care of the larger community. We knew that whatever we could do to help them help all of us was the right thing to do.”

Hijaz elaborates on the trying times when the shops had to close their doors because of the pandemic. “The biggest challenge for us was staying at home. We had no income; all of our shops were closed; all of our employees were at home.” Since Hazel Sky Smoke Shop has been a premier smoke shop specialty chain in San Antonio for over six years, being closed was a tremendous financial and emotional burden for the owner, the employees, and the families. Hijaz adds, “We started doing home deliveries because we were not allowed to open our stores. We then realized that we needed more help and we got in touch with Media Digital Source and they built our website. Our goal was to recreate our store online so that our customers could get lost in the clouds from their homes.” 

The motto of Hijaz’s story is that just because your doors are not opened to the public, does not mean that you cannot do business. In fact, with Media Digital Source’s help, Hazel Sky Smoke Shop has a wonderful website, and Hijaz adds, “They started the text messaging for us and got it up and running as well as being extremely active on social media on our behalf which was an enormous plus for Hazel Sky Smoke Shop.”

Hazel Sky Smoke Shop

“If you are looking for anything vape related, smoke shop related, or Kratom or CBD products, we have a wide variety here at Hazel Sky Smoke Shop.” All you have to do is browse their website at and you will discover beautiful glass hand and water pipes, smoking accessories, E-Liquid, rolling papers, cones, wraps, dry herb vaporizers, cigars, beverages-imported and exotic pop, supplements such as CBD and Kraton, dry herb vaporizers and a line of apparel as well. It is one of those fun shops that you can find something for just about anyone on your list including yourself.

“We wanted to bring something different to San Antonio when we first started out. We wanted to bring a little bit of the west coast to Texas and that’s exactly what we did.” And if you visit one of their locations or visit online, you will get lost in their treasure chest of goodies. Hijaz emphasizes that the employees are what makes Hazel Sky Smoke Shop shine. “Our employees are very knowledgeable, very friendly, and they help you out with everything you need.” When you walk into any one of the shops, you are greeted warmly and it is obvious that their goal is to make their visitors welcome, comfortable, and happy with their purchase(s). 

“Just remember -there are other platforms out there”, Hizaj states. “Just because you cannot open your doors, does not mean you cannot make money. I recently learned this, and I want to share this with others looking ahead. And remember that your employees are the most powerful tools that you have. Our staff is our difference and they are what makes Hazel Sky Smoke Shop cutting edge and we still have plenty of room for growth.”

Visit https://www.hazelskyonline.com/ for more information.


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